Origami Masks are created for comfort, efficincy and durability.


  • Made with 100% Cotton
  • Built in Filter
  • 4 Point Tie back
  • One sided 
  • Washable
  • BLACK outside with COLOR inside


Outside all masks are BLACK cotton. You can select your choice of INSIDE fabric color. 

(This is to be able to tell the front from the back. Masks are not reversable)



  • Small Fits-Children up to 10 years
  • Medium Fits-Youth to teens
  • Large Fits-Young Adults to Average Adult


*Mask offers Anti-Allergen HEPA Filter (material) that offers 99.9% filter efficiency that can block down to 0.3 Micron & are EXPANDABLE.


*Please note that this mask DOES NOT GUARANTEE the ability to prevent the spread of any virus, though the filter materials will greatly reduce the risk. It will however, offer a higher level of protection against airborn and fluid materials and also help to block indoor/outdoor allergens.


Care Instructions: Hand wash with luke warm water with gentle detergent, wring out gently and tunble dry on low. Iron on medium heat on color side to refresh and smooth out. 

The Origami (BLACK)

  • FF19 Masks are precautionary devices made per the reccommendation of the CDC and US Surgeon General that all American people wear some type of protective covering while in public spaces or conditions that could otherwise increase risk of exposure. By purchasing these masks, you understand and agree that Black Atlas Inc, will not be held liable for any illnesses or issues that may occur while using FF19 masks.